The first week of spring?

It looked promising on the Monday and we had coffee at the garden centre. H joined us and we drank one coffee, one chocolate and one hot water; by the time I had been served all the good conversation had happened and the world’s problems had been solved. The walk around was not too interesting as I didn”t really want to buy anything and got quite tired so I spent some time in the car park. Home for tea without a cooker or hob but the microwave a nd steamer came into their own with steamed fissh and microwaved chips.

And then to Tuesday and another coffee house and medium cappuccino, americano and chocolate. Conspicuous consumption but at least no one was making love in the corner or describing curviture of the spine.

Wednesday and eight hours later we had a hob cut into the kitchen surface and the dishwasher and washing machine swapped round. Evening at Pizza Express with O and C.

F back Thursday. However first things first up to Sandy, Beds for lunch at the Queens Head and a spot of bird watching with the sister and family. I’m a novelty and feel exhausted by the walk. As predicted most of the birds were at the teashop bird table. Where have all the trees gone? Heathland for sheep.

Friday and now really am exhausted. This doesn’t look good but have booked tickets for Mand D and sent student finace form for the second time. S out tonight. I wonder what I will do?

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