Expanding horizons

Much of my blogging activity this week has been involved in cleaning up and making more visually pleasing the blogger accounts I still want to use.
I have also added loads more teachers with technology interests to my twitter account.
I am so into this I am now using my mobile phone to keep up with what is going on, have an ada application running on my desktop at home and tweetdeck running on my laptop.
I tried to explain to someone why twitter was legitimate and not unnatural. I pointed out to them that a lot of the time I am working on the computer in isolation; normally I would be in an environment where I could interact with my fellow work-pals. Twitter gives me this back. Being and interacting with people are the most natural activities in the world. We were not made to be alone!
Twitter also allows me to keep up with what other people have found in my areas of interest and their encounters with technology and life in general.
I am beginning to see that it is not technology  that is going to make me a better teacher or learner, it is the communities I engage in that help me make the information pouring into my life knowledge. And usable knowledge at that.

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