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Persecution, equality and the Church

An interesting and compelling argument.

Amy Farrer

I want to introduce you to Perpetua and Felicitas. They lived in modern-day Tunisia, North Africa in the late Second Century. These women were arrested, questioned and eventually sent to their death, maimed by wild beasts and slain by the sword in 203 AD. Perpetua was a noblewoman with one young child and a newfound faith in Jesus Christ. Felicitas was a heavily pregnant slave girl, connected to Perpetua and also a Christian. Perpetua chose to give her pre-weaned child away and be martyred rather than bow to the Roman gods. As a Christian, Jesus Christ was the only God she would pledge allegiance to, no matter the consequences (Matt 16:24).  Additionally, Felicitas prayed to go into early labour so she could go to her death with Perpetua. She did, gave the baby to a “sister” and walked to her death still bleeding from the birth. You can read their…

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