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Personal learning journal

Logging on to my next OU unit I was really surprised to find the forum already being used. Loads of ideas were being swapped in a frenzy of getting-to-know-yous.
The whole thing had no form and ideas were flying around all over the place. Certainly the tool had allowed a flood of participation but it was hard to track and seemed to serve no lasting use. The embedded ideas un-indexed in a flurry of enthusiasm.
My contribution was to suggest that a blog was a useful learning journal, especially if it is thoughtfully tagged. I now feel obliged to follow my own advice and so will use my personal blog on the OU to do this. I really haven’t a clue what to blog here.
My fear is that the people who follow me on twitter are doing so as a result of my interest in Technology. My solution has been to have other blogs reflecting my other interests linked in to this blog but I would like to collect followers around my other interests. The idea of having more than one twitter account boggles my mind, but sometimes I wish the people I followed did.
Seems like an idea to pursue.